Still have questions on proposed tax increase

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Still have questions on proposed tax increase


Still have questions on proposed tax increase

I attended the public hearing with the county commissioners last Thursday. A lot of topics were covered, but a few thoughts and questions still come to mind.

  1. Why were so many people opposed to the 60 percent tax increase, but would have favored “small bite” increases? If the 5 percent increase a year over the last 12 year period had been imposed, the compounding would have meant we would have paid much more in taxes.
  2. The majority of opinions expressed at the hearing seemed to prefer lower taxes. With that in mind the question is: Who, when, where, and why is the final decision made to implement or decline the 60 percent increase?
  3. Central Utah Water Conservancy District, (CUWCD) was also mentioned. The residential population pays the majority of the taxes. Most of us have never received a direct benefit (and probably never will). Now they are also want to raise the tax rate for repair and maintenance. I think it is well past time to opt-out. I ask again: Who, when, where, and why is the final decision made for this significant tax increase?
  4. I am pretty sure is a good thing that we did not approve a new courthouse. I have not heard that the repair costs for the current one are exceeding the long term cost of building a new one. Even though I am in favor of the county receiving their fair share of funds, is good to remember that government money, at any level, is never free! There is the high cost of overhead to get our money back.
  5. As for the county jail, we no doubt needed a new one, but we almost built an additional wing. Does that mean under the current criteria the county taxpayers would be on the hook for twice as many inmates?

Overall I think it was clear that most citizens would prefer a reduction of expenditures rather than an increase in the tax burden.

Rob Walsh



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