Disagrees with publisher column, says voter fraud is real

Disagrees with publisher column, says voter fraud is real




I agree with Suzanne Dean that our country has a serious disinformation problem with all forms of media. In the 20 plus years I have subscribed to the Sanpete Messenger.  I never thought our local paper would fall victim to this communist style media control, but now I wonder.

As for this election, there are many things to be talked about of which only a few were mentioned by Suzanne. The mail-in voting runs smoothly here in Utah because we have been doing it for many years. In other states where they are just starting it, there were many problems. President Trump’s complaint about mail-in ballots was that it is extremely easy to manipulate and he was right. Even months before the election, there is evidence of massive numbers of mail-in ballots being printed illegally. Many people both dead and alive, were mailed multiple ballets. Thousands of forms were collected by individuals and were filled out by that one person. We are not talking about a few ballots here and there, we are talking about tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of ballots.

Democratic lawmakers changed voting laws months before the elections to make it easier for the fraudulent ballots to be counted. Republican observers were banned from viewing the counting of the ballots. There were unprecedented stops in the counting process in the middle of the night. There were late night deliveries of mysterious boxes filled with new ballets. Thousands of these ballots had the same name, address, date of birth and only had one vote on the entire ballot, for Joe Biden.

This is just a short list of some of the many issues involved with this year’s election. It certainly involved enough votes to change the outcome in key states. There are hundreds of eyewitnesses to these illegal acts and they are speaking out. These “real” whistleblowers have personally seen all these things happen and testified to them in court under oath. The one-sided media has not reported on any of this, why? I believe the public has a right to know. Why is the media hiding it and ignoring illegal activity?

The United States of America and our Democratic process has been the standard in the world for over 200 years. Sadly, because of the activities plaguing this election, the world now looks at America and laughs. The 2020 Presidential election in the United States has come down to six swing states. These six states were targeted months before the election by the left as must win states, at any cost. It is in these states that voter fraud in many forms was universally used. This must be investigated fully!  If the illegal activities are proven, the responsible parties must face consequences. This is the only way to restore any integrity to our Democratic process or to ever have a fair election again in this country regardless of the outcome of this presidential election.


Gerald Wayman,