Don’t be complacent about virus, even in Sanpete

Don’t be complacent about virus,

even in Sanpete




It is here? Do we see it? How can we know if someone has it? Could that someone be me? So many questions and so few answers…

Is the new coronavirus evident in many places an invisible enemy? I hope not. But here, in somewhat isolated Sanpete County, are we perhaps feeling protected from this invisible enemy? I hope not.

Evidently, we are not all taking the threat seriously, but thankfully many are and they are conscientiously and scrupulously adhering to the sound advice being offered nonstop over the news channels. Doctors, scientists, officials from the World Health Organization and the CDC are urging people to take this virus seriously and protect themselves and others around them by taking certain well thought-out precautions and taking them right now — no time to waste.

We are not powerless against the coronavirus. We can heed the advice and follow it to the letter. It is an act of faith and hope as well as charity. To do these things even when we won’t see the worth of it all for perhaps a long, long time.

But it will make a difference in the outcome of this pandemic, and it will save many lives and return our world to normal all the sooner.

Think of it as self-imposed obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) if you will. Keep your hands seriously clean, surfaces in your home and car sanitized over and over. Stay at home or go for a drive in your car. Behave as if you have the virus except without a mask, of course. Doing so will keep you mindful of what you do and you will be protecting yourself and others and helping to slow the spread of the virus, which is critically important.

Sherron Andreasen,