Eighth-Grade Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor:

Eighth-Grade Letters to the Editor



Add a stoplight at Walmart intersection

By Payten Andreasen


Payten Andreasen

Ephraim is a great small town to grow up in. There are a lot of things to do in this small city, and there have been a lot of improvements to Ephraim. I am thankful for all of the upgrades and new additions to this town. Like the splash pad down at the park by the middle school. Or the new bank on Main Street, or the salon and stores behind the car wash at the north side of town. Other things have been improved as well. Like the sidewalks, which were made wider and easier for wheelchairs as well. There has been a lot done for Ephraim to make it a happy and safer place for everyone, but I have a suggestion for our community to benefit it more. I propose a simple plan that could help a lot with our town and make it safer for all people. Down by Walmart, there is a four-way intersection, the car wash, others stores and the cemetery. I propose to add a stoplight by Walmart on that four-way intersection. There have been a couple of crashes in that area, and there have also been many complaints about drivers having to sit and wait to turn because some people won’t let them go; and a lot of people pass it daily. I believe that a stoplight there can decrease the chances of crashes and people get to turn when it’s their turn. People cross that intersection by foot too and can never get across. There are many people that live close to Walmart and decide to walk instead, but it’s always difficult if they have to cross that road with cars speeding past. I respectfully request a stoplight by Walmart to help these situations.


Ephraim needs a new stoplight

By Morgan Chidester


Morgan Chidester

I am writing about a new stoplight in Ephraim. Ephraim is growing bigger and bigger. There are many people in cars, going places. We have one stoplight here in Ephraim. I am grateful for our one and only stoplight. Though each light is only on, or off , for a short time, it prevents people from getting injured or worse. Without it, there would be crashes happening, all of the time. I think as Ephraim is growing, it would be appropriate to have another stoplight in our town. I suggest this because, some parts of Ephraim are always busy and tricky to get through. I’m confident that if, we had another stoplight, more injuries, accidents and worse would be prevented. You’re probably wondering, where the new stoplight would be. I think that a new stoplight at the intersection at Malena’s and Subway would be perfect. It is always a little difficult to get to places in that part of town. This new stoplight would have many benefits. It keeps streets orderly and safe, for people and their vehicles. It will decrease the little traffic we have. Th e stoplight would allow people to cross the street without having to wait a lot. I appreciate the time I have had to request a new stoplight. It is something that could keep everyone in our community safe. Everything starts with an idea and I wanted to spread this idea.


Fix the sidewalks

By Colter Denton

Colter Denton

I am writing to bring up a problem that has been on my mind for a while now. I live in Sterling and there are hardly any sidewalks in the whole town. I understand that Sanpete County is not very wealthy, and our latest drought has left it even worse, but we severely need sidewalks in Sterling. My friends and I walk across town frequently, and the trails are very rocky and uneven. The trails are also very muddy most of the winter months. Walking often on these trails makes me very dirty and can ruin nice clothes. If we had some sidewalks, I would go salt them in the winter if I had to. That would be better than slipping on the ice, which happens quite often. Also, it wouldn’t take that much money to just put some sidewalks along Main Street, and maybe even Center Street. Judging by how many different times U.S. 89 has had work done to it in our county for no apparent reason, I’d say we have plenty of money for a few sidewalks in my hometown of Sterling. All I ask is that we get just a few sidewalks in my small town, which doesn’t have many at the moment.


Keep roads great

By Rowan Eichelberger


Rowan Eichelberger

I feel like a proper thank you is in order to the Ephraim City Public Works Department. Here in Ephraim city we have amazing roads. They are so well maintained and so nice to drive on. When I have driven through other towns, I have noticed that many do not have very nice roads and you must dodge potholes and drive on torn up roads. Wonderfully, here in Ephraim we don’t have to worry about running into huge potholes or going over rocky roads. Let’s all say thanks to our city Public Works Department for making sure that the roads are taken care of. I think we often forget about the importance of our roads and thanking those who help maintain them. They spend time in the heat of the summer, filling potholes, putting tar in cracks in the street and repainting lines and crosswalks. These people spend the early hours of winter days to clear the snow from our roads and sand them. I would also like to thank all those of you who pay your property taxes, because part of that property tax goes to your city to help take care of our roads. Even when you pay your sales tax it helps with the roads; so thank you. Honestly paying your taxes help benefit Ephraim City for the better. Thank you for your support of our city, the roads and especially the people that help keep our city great.


Thank the Lunch Ladies

By Chloe Hennagir


Chloe Hennagir

Our lunch ladies at Ephraim Middle School are amazing. Lunch ladies spend hours in the kitchen. They come early enough to make breakfasts for students. These ladies don’t have the option of running late. They have to make an incredible amount of food and have it done in a certain amount of time, so that students like me can have a hot meal. Sometimes students will purposely mix all of their food on their tray and leave it for the lunch ladies to clean up. Sometimes students will say mean things about the food to the lunch ladies. That happens more in elementary school than it does in middle school. They have to wipe down the tables, do dishes, clean trays and decide on what to do with the left overs. When there isn’t enough food for everyone, they have to find something for those students to eat. Lunch ladies do so much for us and they don’t always receive a thank you. When I have the chance to write thank you letters to the people in our school, I have noticed that it is very rare for lunch ladies to have more than two cards. Every day as I am receiving my food I tell the person that is giving me my food thank you. Then, later after I finish my lunch I say thank you as I’m stacking my tray. So, thank you to all of the wonderful and hardworking cooks. I appreciate all of the cooking, cleaning and effort that goes into your job.


Host some baseball tournaments

By Troy Madsen


Troy Madsen

I think that Sanpete County needs to host some baseball tournaments over the summer. All of the kids that play for Sanpete Chaos have to travel for hours at a time just to play some games. I play for the Sanpete Chaos accelerated baseball team. During the spring and summer, we travel one hour every Monday night to go play two games. We usually play really good teams and I think we would get better if we didn’t have to go so far. It’s just like home field advantage. There is a brand new baseball complex in Manti. Everyone who wants to come to our games can. We could charge a $3 admission fee to keep the complex going and to fund tournaments. All of our friends, family and even strangers could come watch our baseball games under the lights. What’s better than a cold coke and hotdog while watching some baseball? I’m glad that they made a new baseball complex. I’m going to try to work as field crew there over the spring so I can make it look really nice. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be the only person that would also want this change. Ask anyone on our team. Even ask our coaches. We also need an indoor baseball training center to train in the winter. All of the kids that don’t play basketball in the winter get bored and have a lot of time on their hands. That’s not good. When teenagers have a lot of time on their hands, they get into trouble. If kids who are bored in the winter have a heated training center, they can have a lot more fun and stay in good shape. In the end, I think that sports are a very important thing to worry about. Kids need sports to stay active and if they don’t, they can get in big trouble.


Show a little kindness

By Tess Larsen


Tess Larsen

Kindness is something you should always be thinking about or doing. It’s not always easy to be kind, but it’s always right. All of our schools have a strict no bullying policy. But, do we all always follow through with it? I have seen kids in the halls looking as sad as ever. I watch as every kid walks by ignoring them or some even laughing. I think to myself “How hard can it be to say a little hello or show a small smile?” Sure, you might have not been the one who has caused this person’s pain. But you can be the one to restore their happiness. Bullying isn’t always physical; it can be words. Words sometimes can hurt more than a punch to the face. If you keep ignoring someone who is suffering is that a form of bullying? I mean it is repetitive and it can be hurting them in some way. Imagine being the person sitting there being taunted by something that has just happened or even a memory. It would be torture. I know for a matter of fact that I would never want to be them. Think to yourself for a second when you observe someone who might be feeling this way. The littlest things can tear them down, but the littlest things could also build them up. Talk to them, make them realize they are perfect in their own little way. We all need to be more aware of what’s going on in our schools. Teachers, parents and especially students, be kind. Share a small smile and make a new friend. Even if they’re not “popular,” they’re still worth every second of your time. Make sure to be a light, and most definitely be their light. Show kindness every day in every way.


Put seatbelts on the buses

By Isaac Peterson


Isaac Peterson

Buses are great vehicles because they take kids to school each day. School buses also put less pollution into the air because there are not as many cars driving to the schools. But, there is one significant problem with the schools buses. Every seat on the bus doesn’t have a seat belt. Seat belts are very important things that protect us from car crashes and other vehicle hazards. Buses are big, tall vehicles, and can tip and flip over by ice or from strong wind. Five days a week, kids get on the bus for a ride to school and back home without the safety of a seatbelt. On average, six million car accidents happen in the U.S. in a year and more than 90 people die every day from car accidents. Around 2 million people are permanently injured and to add to that, 3 million people get injured each year in the United States. On average, 134 students die each year, riding the bus. That’s about two buses full of students. The reason why most people die in car crashes is because they weren’t wearing a seat belt. Seat belts are expensive, on average it would cost between $7,000 and $10,000 per bus. That is a lot of money, but that is nothing compared to the cost of a life. This action will lower the deaths from car accidents each year. School is an important place to go, and it should be safe to get there.


Take care of stray dogs

By Olivia Scharf


Olivia Scharf

Sanpete County has a major dog problem. Dogs are always running on the loose whether they got loose, or are strays. To solve this issue, people should watch their dogs more carefully, or fence them in. For the strays, perhaps we can build a shelter. The money for the shelter could come from residents, just from the pure kindness in their heart. Besides building a shelter, perhaps people could take in some strays. The community can help give the dogs a home that they deserve. Perhaps we could set up a foundation for people to donate money so we could buy a shelter, or expand a shelter that we already have. I’m trying to think this out logically, and I don’t believe by putting the animals down will help at all. Putting them down means that you are taking a life away and it’s not too polite if you think about it. Many dogs are missing in Sanpete and that could be someone’s best friend. If everyone got involved to try to fi nd someone’s dog, I bet that Sanpete would become a safer, carefree place. There is a Facebook page that helps families reunite with their missing dogs. The Facebook page is called, “Sanpete Lost and Found.” I would just like to say thank you to them for helping families get their dogs back. It really is a wonderful thing that they are helping the entire community get their beloved animals back. If you are missing a pet, then report it to your local police station.


Don’t shorten winter break

By Jonah Thomas


Jonah Thomas

I am writing to the Sanpete Messenger to address the problem this year with the winter break being shortened by a week. Th is was the first year that our school district has done this. They made the summer go a week longer. But I don’t think it would matter as much if they didn’t do that because we were already used to going to school at that time. Plus I don’t think very many people do tons of crazy stuff a week before school, so that doesn’t really matter. Shortening the winter break made more of a commotion. I’ve been hearing tons of people complaining about the break. The parents had been excited to spend lots of time home with their kids; but because of this they had less time. Plus lots of kids were skipping the last couple of days at school because their parents said they could. When they were thinking of changing the break, they took a vote with all the staff at the schools asking if they cared about changing the break size. The majority voted against it. They just discarded what their staff voted on and did what they wanted. This was brought up when talking to one of my friend’s moms, who is mad about them doing this. During this conversation she stated she was not going to send her kids to school because it wouldn’t be worth going on days when we were not doing anything. I think the kids need a little time to be out of school around Christmas.


Keep the Manti Pageant

By Isaac Warby


Isaac Warby

I am writing to the Sanpete Messenger to discuss my opinion of ending of the Manti Pageant. I don’t think that ending the Manti Pageant is a good thing to do. The Pageant brings money to the community. The Pageant has also been a tradition for many years. Ending the Pageant end will hurt businesses and take away part of our culture. I think the Manti Pageant should continue because of how much money it brings in to both Ephraim and Manti. During the Manti Pageant, the hotels and motels are filled. That brings in a lot of money for the hotels. Restaurants also benefit from the people who come to watch the Pageant. The Pageant has been one of the main events in the summer and many local businesses will be hurt without it. Tradition is another reason that the Pageant should keep going. Why take away an event that has been here for years? Families in the area have participated in it every summer for many years and are sad to see it end. Th e Pageant has become a place where people reconnect and serve in the community. The City of Manti should keep putting on the Pageant. The community and town leaders could even find sponsors to help keep it going. I hope the Pageant keeps going for many years.


Thank the crossing guards

By Brynlee Wathen

Brynlee Wathen

You may have seen a friendly face in a fluorescent yellow or orange vest standing on the side of the road with a stop sign in hand, but you may have never noticed their important role in your community. Crossing guards all over help hundreds of kids daily get to and from school safely. According to the article Report: More Kids Are Walking to School by Tanya Snyder, it said, “But school encouragement—or at least parents’ perceptions of it—has grown markedly, from 24.9 to 33 percent.” This growth in children walking to school was a result of safer paths for kids who walk and bike to school. Crossing guards play an important role in these safer paths. Our friends in the vests may get paid, but what they do is no easy task. In fact I would still call it a service. They wake up bright and early, rain or shine to help with the safety of our community. They always put on a smile and get their duty done. They are not just city employees, they are also friends. In today’s world there is always technology on hand. Everyone seems to have smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, etc. All of this technology is great but can be distracting. An article on health. utah.gov called “Pedestrian Safety” states, “Each year in Utah, 30 pedestrians are hit and killed by a car and another 785 are hospitalized or treated in an emergency department after being in a crash with a motor vehicle.” Crossing guards play an important role in our community and I believe they deserve more thanks than they get. They are there every day to keep us safe. The least we could do is say thanks.

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