Ephraim city manager takes job in Centerville

Brant Hanson, Ephraim’s city manager, has accepted an offer to take the same position in the city of Centerville. His last day with Ephraim will be March 22.

Ephraim city manager takes job in Centerville


By James Tilson




EPHRAIM—The award-winning Ephraim city manager has resigned his position to take the city manager position at Centerville.

Brant Hanson, Ephraim’s city manager since 2014 and recipient of the 2018 International City Management Association Local Government Excellence Award, has resigned his post with the city in order to accept the same position in Centerville.

“We’re going to miss Ephraim,” said Hanson, “but my parents are going to be real happy to get me back closer to home.”

Hanson grew up in Clinton, and his parents still live there. Centerville will be just down the road, and will reunite Hanson with friends and family.

“Centerville is a growing and developing city,” he said. “But at the same time, it is trying to protect its small-town feel.” Centerville is a city of 18,000, and does not have its own power or sewer departments, nor its own airport. According to Hanson, the city is able to focus much more on land use as a result. Hanson said his salary has not been finalized.

Ephraim has posted notice of the job opening, and the application deadline is March 14. The city is looking for an individual with work experience, and preferably a Master’s degree in a related discipline. The range of salary for the position will be $84,552 to $108,285. According to Hanson, Ephraim hopes to fill the position before April; however, it will consider leaving the position open longer if they do not find the right candidate.