Ephraim citzens should get behind Hansen House project

Letters to the editor:

Ephraim citzens should get behind

Hansen House project




A while ago I learned with great interest that Ephraim City was joining with the Ephraim DUP to do comprehensive restoration work in Ephraim’s Pioneer Park that opens to Main Street and West 100 North; in other words, the historic Hans Hansen house and the nearby cabins. The plans include building walkways tying all the attractions together as well.

I first became aware of the Hansen House when either the State Historical Society or the Utah Heritage Foundation published an old photograph of it in their periodical, way back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It showed the house in its original beautiful and stately condition. Ephraim City has this very photograph to work from, and I anticipate it will guide the restoration.

I am always glad to see an historic building restored, and I am enthused for this project.

I can see the Hansen House from my nearby house, as well as the beautiful restored Co-op, and I have always appreciated how they enrich the town and my surroundings.

I am very glad our city sees the value of doing this work. Our town will be the richer for it. I hope every citizen will want to give something toward its financing. I want very much to help make this project a success. I hope you do, too.

Sharron Andreasen




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