Government should not have the right to tax our property

Letters to the editor:

Government should not have

the right to tax our property




Property taxes are unjust and immoral! Let me explain.

As citizens of this great nation we have a right to own property. However, as long as the government claims a right to tax out property we can never truly own property. Why?

If a person is unable or unwilling to pay property taxes what happens? The government steals that persons land and removes them from it and sells the land to someone who will pay property taxes. Therefore we are only leasing “our” land from the government at their pleasure as long as we are willing to submit to their extortion demands, and that is essentially what property taxes are. It truly is no different than the way the Mafia operates when they extort “protection” money from business owners.

The Sanpete Messenger Nov. 28 issue featured an article about the public hearing held on Nov. 21 concerning the proposed 3.32 percent tax increase in Sanpete County. First I want to compliment the writer of that article, Suzanne Dean. She did an excellent job of delivering the facts of what happened and what was said at the meeting and not interjecting her opinion.

To quote the article, Commissioner Steve Lund said, “I honestly think we’ve left no stone unturned.” I beg to differ. I did not read a single word about how the county conducted a review of the proposed budget to find items that can be reduced or eliminated. Therefore I believe the county has not overturned any stone to solve their claimed budget problem.

It has been my experience that professional politicians always want more of our money and never want to cut any project, department or agency. They never seek to live within their means, as the tax paying citizens must, because they believe they have an unlimited source of income—our wallets.

The fact is it is our money and we have a right to keep it!

Allow me to offer some suggestions to the county where they can cut their budget. The figures presented come directly from the county proposed 2020 budget.

In my opinion the following departments/activities are absolutely not the proper role of government and should be eliminated entirely: County Weeds ($25,800), Library ($90, 556), Economic Development ($52,136.73), Tourism/Fair ($201,436.73). This totals: $369,929.46.

The following departments/activities listed in the budget seem like they could easily be reduced or possibly eliminated: Duplicating Machines ($20,000), Communications ($511,066.22), Wildland Urban Interface ($6,000), Ag. Extension Service ($98,481).

I encourage all of my fellow tax paying citizens to demand the county live within their means.

Now some stones have been overturned. You’re welcome.


Emery Kiss-Illes,











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