Ephraim resolution supports police force

Ephraim police officers honored at recent city council meeting: (L-R): Steve Brandt, Devon Krebs, Kent Hatch, Lynsey Zeeman, Colby Zeeman, Steve Cragun, Justin Aagard, Aaron Broomhead and Dillon Rasmussen.


Ephraim resolution supports police force


By Lloyd Call

Associate publisher



EPHRAIM—The bulk of a fairly short Ephraim City Council meeting last Wednesday was devoted to honoring the members of Ephraim’s police force with a proclamation and resolution.

Before the presentation, Ephraim Mayor John Scott said, “We all are aware of the goodness of these officers, but also their sadness, during times of civil unrest. Their spouses, families and children are concerned as their lives are put at risk to do difficult things to protect our community.”

“One of our own police officers participated in the recent homicide in Hideaway Valley. Our officers cooperate with other agencies, and when, last week, Ephraim called to see if they could assist in the operation, the dispatcher originally said no, but then called back and said, ‘Yes, please come help.’

“Our officer arrived virtually at the same time as the highway patrol and Sanpete County deputy, and our officer made the arrest. Our officers serve whenever and wherever they are called upon to do so,” Scott said. “Their desire is to protect, and they do.”

The council then passed a resolution to proclaim their support and appreciation to its law enforcement officers and staff and expressed their deep appreciation for the bravery and sacrifice in protecting the community.

The council also approved the Ephraim Canyon Multi-Use Trail Project, a $70,000 grant that will add bicycle and walking paths in Ephraim Canyon. Ephraim’s matching portion is only $500, so the grant is a great deal.

The council was also introduced to new Ephraim employees, Brian Page, the new city attorney; Rachel Shomaker, an assistant for the recreation department; and Colt Christiansen, with the power department.

The council paid bills and listened to an abbreviated report from Shaun Kjar, city manager, before the meeting adjourned.