Ephraim ServerPlus call center urgently needs employees

Connor Healey (right), floor supervisor at the Ephraim branch of tech support company ServerPlus, assists Hunter Runolfson, a broadband support technician, with one of his tech support calls. The Ephraim location of ServerPlus is looking for new employees.


Ephraim ServerPlus call center

urgently needs employees


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor

Apr. 26, 2018


EPHRAIM—A new Ephraim tech support call center needs employees, and it needs them now.

ServerPlus, a customer service and tech support company that caters to internet service providers and other tech clients was founded in 2000 by Warren Smith and Layne Sisk. The company has four locations and it has received multiple awards for Utah business growth.

In November, the company opened a call center in downtown Ephraim to help fill the needs of their rapidly growing client base, said Ephraim Branch Manager Danny Hall.

Operating as the first-line of tech support for its clients, the company is typically able to handle at least 70 percent of all incoming calls to caller satisfaction, he said.

Hall said the call center is different than some others in the area, because people call in looking for help from the ServerPlus broadband support technicians, as opposed to making outbound calls.

“It’s not cold calling,” Hall says. “Everyone who calls in wants to talk to us.”

The company, which has more than 150 clients nation-wide, is building its client base constantly, and recently took on DirectTV, which means they have more work to be done, and need more employees right away.

Hall said pay starts at $8 per hour, with performance and productivity bonuses of up to $3 per hour. Employees have the possibility of working from home after 30 days in-office.

Applicants should email their resume to ephraim.jobs@ serverplus.com.