Fairview planning full-scale Pioneer Days with parade, rodeo, fun run

Riders open Fairview 24th of July events in 2019. Fairview is planning on having the city celebration in 2021 as COVID restrictions are easing.

FAIRVIEW—The Fairview City Council has decided to go ahead with its traditional Pioneer Days celebration and to open the Peterons Days all for events, as long as attendees follow county COVID-19 guidelines.
Brad Welch, the councilman over July 24 festivities, said that he spoke with the health department and based on the conversation feels the city can “proceed as normal” with the celebration.
“We’re not getting guidance to reduce numbers at this point,” Welch said.
The health department is one of many stakeholders with whom Welch spoke, including “The people that normally take care of the city concession booth.”
Welch wanted to get with city staff for electronic versus physical ticketing.
Welch said he would connect with Shauna Watts, who handles third-party concessions for the festivities.
“We’ll have to look at some parameters around that,” Welch said.
Mayor Cliff Wheeler asked about the fun run.
“Should be no issue on that,” Welch said.
Wheeler later asked if the council was OK to open the dance hall.
“As long as they’re following the guidelines,” Welch said.
“So we are OK to allow for Wasatch (Academy)’s prom?” Wheeler asked.
“As long as they are following the county guidelines,” Welch reiterated.
In other action at the meeting, the council amended an ordinance, decreasing Wheeler’s salary from $1,000 per month to $500 per month.
Wheeler, who recently replaced resigned Mayor David Taylor, wanted this.
“As the new mayor, I do not think that is fair for me to take that $1,000 a month because I am not there full time,” Wheeler told the Sanpete Messenger. “I cannot be in that office as much as (Taylor) was, so therefore, I decided that I wanted to reduce my salary back to the original $500.”
In previous years, the mayor’s salary used to be $500 per month. The council voted to give Taylor $1,000 a month for being a full-time mayor. Taylor had also given up his larger salary as the city planner when he ran for mayor.
“It just doesn’t seem right that you should (get) the same … salary as someone who has been there longer,” Wheeler said.
Councilman Casey Anderson voted no to changing the ordinance.
“I’m kind of the inkling if you want to donate your salary back to the city, go for it,” Anderson said.
Anderson said the vote for the $1,000 per month for the mayor already had a unanimous vote approximately three years ago and that Wheeler, as a council member, voted for it.
Anderson liked the $1,000 a month showed “a stronger commitment to the mayor” and that the mayor is “expected to be around the city.”
Anderson also said it was “just kind of weird” that the council didn’t want to discuss it. He also wondered if the council would vote again to change it back after the next election later this year.
Anderson said that “behind closed doors,” Wheeler is saying he doesn’t think he can devote full-time efforts to the office.
Anderson also said that it was best “as it was,” with somebody spending time working in the city offices and helping out.
Also, the council accepted a plan from Councilman Matt Sorensen and Police Chief Steve Gray for where traffic signs should be placed in town.Further, the council contracted lawn care for the Fairview Pioneer Cemetery.