Fayette plans town cleanup for Sept. 24

Fayette plans town cleanup for Sept. 24


Megan Batterman

Staff writer



FAYETTE—The town of Fayette will hold its annual town clean up on Saturday, Sept. 24.

The town will be refreshing the paint in the park and doing cemetery cleanup, among other beautification projects, as part of the event.

Dumpsters will be provided around the city, a barbeque will be held at the park at noon and Fayette Town Mayor Lamar Bartholomew encourages all citizens to take part in the clean up.

During the monthly town council meeting, held on Thursday, Sept. 1, the council discussed the necessity of updating their planning and zoning ordinance in order to ensure citizen compliance on all issued building permits.

The current ordinance does not allow for the town to impose fines on individuals who are in violation of the ordinance. Bartholomew cautioned the council to look closely at the existing ordinance to decide if an amendment is in order.

The council motioned to table the issue until next meeting, in order for all members to familiarize themselves with the ordinance.

In other news, the town has purchased surveillance cameras and plans on installing them near the water and irrigation systems to help curtail vandalism.

There have been several reported incidences of vandalism in the town, most recently culminating with shots fired at the water tanks, something which Bartholomew and the council are hoping the cameras will help deter.

Bartholomew and town recorder Tracy Mellor say they know surveillance won’t solve all the issues with vandalism, but Mellor noted, “we aren’t doing these kids any favors by ignoring their vandalism.”