Firefighters share essays in Fountain Green council meeting

Firefighters share essays in Fountain Green council meeting


By Doug Lowe 

Staff writer



FOUNTAIN GREEN—The town’s volunteer firefighters treated the city council to a heart-warming reading of their poems, letters and essays at the last council meeting.

Fire Chief Matt Hansen first thanked everyone for moving ahead with building of a new city hall, which will include a bigger fire station as well as a large training room in the basement. A ground breaking is scheduled for November.

Chief Hansen then proceeded to read aloud the some of the words that have motivated his firefighters. Three such letters follow.

Training officer Kyler Daybell wrote:

“I am not a hero. I would never call myself that. When other people call me that, it makes me

really uncomfortable.

I am a firefighter. I don’t do it for the name. I don’t do it for the glory. I don’t do it for the popularity. I don’t do it because I am fearless. And Lord knows I don’t do it for the money.

I am a firefighter. Because when the people of this community, my friends and family, face their hardest moments they deserve someone to answer the call and help them.

I am a firefighter. Because when someone needs help they should never have to call twice.

I am a firefighter. Because when my brothers need someone to help them battle the blaze I will surely have their backs.

I am a firefighter. Because the world doesn’t need more heroes, it simply needs good people willing to put in the work and take time out of their day to help others.

Assistant Fire Chief Matthew Bills wrote:

Why did I become a firefighter?I became a firefighter because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to give back to my community in a way that would really benefit others. I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself and bigger than my community.

I found that with being a volunteer firefighter.

And, Fire Chief Matthew Hansen wrote these words:

Why am I a firefighter, so that others don’t have to. So others can sleep easy knowing they will be watched over. To help those in their most terrifying hour, to help a stranger and have them only remember the acts of service, not for fame, awards or money.

To give someone to look up too. So my firefighter brothers won’t have to fight alone.

To see the pride on my daughters face when she says, “That’s my Dad. He is a firefighter. That’s what I want to be when I grow up!”

To do the right thing, and help. Instead of driving by thinking someone should do something, or wishing I knew what I could do to help.

Why am I? Becauseothers won’t.