Fitness Center ‘treasure hunt’ gets people out to be active and have fun

Treasure hunt sponsors and winner of the 180 Fitness $1800 cash prize are (L-R): Katie Gleave, Brandee Shelley, Lloyd Gleave, Mikayla Lee from Skyline Motorsports, TJ Brotherson and John Lee.

MT. PLEASANT—The goal of a treasure hunt hosted by 180 Fitness in Mt. Pleasant was for people to get out, be active and have fun.

Last year during the COVID pandemic, the gym devised its first treasure hunt and the activity was such a success they decided to do it again. This year the prize increased from $1000 to $1800 cash because other local businesses wanted to get involved. The fun started on July 19.

Every morning throughout the week around 8 a.m., gym owners, Lloyd and Katie Gleave and John Anderson, would release clues to help hunters narrow down the location of the treasure.

On Friday July 23 around 1 p.m. the treasure was located.  Earlier that morning the clues became slightly more specific and lead all the treasure hunters to the south west corner of town.

Winner of the cash was Brandee Shelley of Mt. Pleasant. Shelley had been out on and off throughout the week with her brother TJ Brotherson trying to pick apart the clues given.

“It was a fun week searching for the treasure,” Shelley said. “Every day, Jade [her husband] and I would watch and try and guess. My brother and his family was texting with us and one of my friends trying to figure them out. When it came down to it, I didn’t think there was any way to find it. It was a total surprise to find it.”

Lloyd said that the gym is excited each year to do their part in helping bring some excitement and fun to the community. They all love being active and they feel like the treasure hunt is a fun way to get people of all ages involved.

“Each year we have received feedback from people who have participated and had a ton of fun while getting out and putting on the miles while searching,” he said.

“We hope to continue to grow the treasure hunt as it has the past two years and to continue to provide our community with another option for them to help reach their health and wellness goals.”