Florist shop in Ephraim result of new partnership

Ephraim’s new florist, Alicia Zapata Salazar, prepares a floral arrangement at the new Ephraim floral shop, the Tilted Tulip, which grew from a partnership with Ephraim-businessman Ryan Roos, owner of the Thunderbird Bookstore.


Tilted Tulip
Florist shop in Ephraim result of new partnership


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



EPHRAIM—A serendipitous friendship has blossomed into a partnership that has led a new floral shop to bloom in downtown Ephraim.

The Tilted Tulip is the fruit of a collaboration between local artisan florist Alicia Zapata Salazar and Ephraim businessman Ryan Roos.

“Alicia is an exceptional florist,” Roos said. “There’s a significant need in Ephraim for fresh and innovative floral arrangement, and having seen her designs for years, there is no doubt in my mind that the community will fall in love with what she brings to us all, both as a person and a professional.”

Roos is in the process of completing a transformation of his bookstore, Thunderbird Bookshop, expanding into the antique and art markets to compliment his books and Salazar’s artisan floral design. He says he is excited to continue offering Ephraim a quality bookstore.

Salazar met Roos at the bookshop, and a friendship blossomed. The idea to launch their own floral boutique grew out of that. friendship.

“The Tilted Tulip is simply the coming together of two people with tremendous respect for the art involved in floral design” Roos said. “We’re anxious to share an artistic vision with the community and make ourselves a trusted part of the lives of Sanpete residents for years to come.”

Salazar promoted her new endeavor, saying “We can do anything from weddings and funerals to graduation, school dances, birthdays, and romantic floral arrangements. The Tilted Tulip is all for tradition, yet we love to think outside of the box to create that truly special moment for our clients.”

Salazar has been doing floral design professionally in Sanpete County for about two years. She says she never thought of herself a creative person as a youth, but with the help of those closest to her, she discovered her calling in floral arrangement.

“My two absolute favorite aspects of the floral trade are the creative process and the satisfaction of customers enjoying our designs,” she said. “There is no better feeling than receiving a thank-you card after doing a wedding, and knowing you made a difference.”

Salazar says she loves the community atmosphere in Sanpete, and that the diversity of nearby Snow College adds a nice touch to the city.

Their shop, which is located at 77 S. Main Street, will have its grand opening, starting today and going through Saturday.