Following public input, Manti Council votes to sell street to LDS church

Following public input, Manti Council vote to sell street to LDS church


Judy Chantry

Staff writer



MANTI—The sale of a section of Manti’s 100 East Street to the LDS Church is a done deal.

During the Manti City Council meeting held on Wednesday, Feb. 1, a major topic was the sale of the street to the adjacent property owner, the LDS Church.

There were several comments from council members regarding previous public hearings where the matter was discussed at length. Citizens from both sides of the issue were in attendance expressing their views at that hearing.

Councilman Jason Vernon said that he appreciated the input from the citizens and there was valid commentary made from both supporters and opponents of the sale.

Councilman Darren Dyreng said that he did not feel the argument concerning the issue of freedom of speech was valid because there are still plenty of areas for people to express their views on the other nearby streets.

Councilman Jason Maylett told those in attendance that the city needs to get rid of the burden of maintaining the street with regards to street repairs, snow removal, etc.

Mayor Korry Soper stated that the overwhelming majority at the public hearing were for selling the street, but he also said there were very good comments on both sides.

In the end, a motion was made to sell the property in question to the LDS Church for the sum of $160,000.00. After seconding the motion, it was passed unanimously.

Manti City’s leadership has committed that all of the proceeds from the sale will be put toward the construction of a sports complex north of town.

Dale Nielson, public works director, reported to the city council that during the past month, city employees had been busy pushing snow and preparing burial plots.

Members of the city council expressed appreciation to Dale and his crew for keeping the roads cleared this winter. Nielson said that it has been a snowy, wet winter and has kept the crews very busy.

On another matter of business, Cory Hatch, water/sewer superintendent gave an update to the water supply for Manti.

“Water is coming down the canyon right now, and I don’t foresee the need to use the well this year,” Hatch said. He went on to say that it was a very good investment to get the spring going again. Samples need to be sent into the state, and every month a flow test is conducted, but everything looks good.

Hatch also reported that recently there was a sewer repair and the crew had to take a section of pipe out and put in a new one. It was a tree root that had collapsed the line. The tree was on a property line but not on city property.

Manti City Administrator Kent Barton brought up the fact that there have been some business owners who have expressed the desire that the food booths be moved closer to town during the Mormon Miracle Pageant. The reason would be so that there would be more foot traffic in town to patronize local businesses. The council decided to consider the possibility and discuss possible sites for the food booths.

Barton also reported that there might be resurfacing of Highway 89 through Manti City this summer.  Barton said he had asked the city’s contacts with UDOT that it not be during the Mormon Miracle Pageant.