Former Ephraim mayor will become principal of private school in Layton

Former Ephraim mayor will become principal of private school in Layton


By James Tilson

Associate Editor



Mayor Richard Squire holds a photo portrait of himself that has hung in city hall. The city gave him the picture as a farewell gift prior to a city council meeting last week. Presiding at the meeting was Squire’s last official act as mayor.

EPHRAIM—The Ephraim City Council bid farewell to its former mayor last Wednesday, July 17 and thanked for him his service and leadership.

Richard Squire has served on the Ephraim council and as mayor for the last 10 years. Last week, Squire announced he would be taking a job as principal of the Northridge Learning Center and Dorius Academy in Layton.

According to Squire, the Dorius Academy enrolls “high school students looking to open up their schedules, maybe for athletics. We offer recovery credits for students who have failed a class. We also provide educational programs for residential treatment centers and adult education.”

Squire said he took the position to provide a better financial situation for his family. And while he would not rule out a return to politics in the future, “right now, I want to spend more time with my family,” he said.

Squire also confirmed the family business, Gryffyn Embroidery, which was run by Squire’s wife, Roxanne, has been sold to Madsen Printing in St. George. According to Squire, Madsen Printing plans to take the business equipment and re-locate it to the St. George location.

“We are grateful to you, and grateful to your family as well,” said Shaun Kjar, the city manager, during a ceremony prior to the council meeting.

He told Squire’s family, “You’ve been sharing your father and husband with Ephraim for a long time. It’s the sacrifice of people like Mayor Squire that make Ephraim the place it is, and we’re grateful for it.”

“As long as I’ve been on the council, Richard has been the mayor,” Councilwoman Margie Anderson said. “And he was on the council four years before that. So this is really bittersweet for me. He’s what I know for leadership in Ephraim, and he’s done an excellent job.

“Ten years of service represents so many hours. Not just being here, but also thinking about things that bother you, that are hard and troublesome.”

A visibly emotional Squire spoke to the gathered council and city staff, telling them how much his time meant to him.

“Thank you. It was hard when I had to call in and let you know I was going to be moving on,” he said. “As you say, for the last 10 years, Ephraim has been a big part of my life.

“It was as service to a place where I grew up, that I love, and I wanted to make better… and help care for the future. That’s why I did this. I’ll miss it; I’ll miss serving with you good people.”

Squire added, the staff has been wonderful to work with. “Every day, when I come into work, they’ve greeted me joyfully. They do a wonderful job for Ephraim city, and my job was made easier by their efforts. Thank you.

“I’ve definitely enjoyed working with you, and the good counsel you’ve provided, the way you’ve conducted yourselves and the business of the city. I’ll miss that and I’ll miss being here. It’s been a pleasure to serve.”