Former Snow lineman chosen in 20th draft pick by Denver Broncos

Garret Bolles, arguably the greatest Snow College success story ever, celebrated the beginning of his NFL career with his two greatest fans last Wednesday, Natalie and Kingston Bolles.


Former Snow lineman chosen in 20th draft pick by Denver Broncos


Matt Harris

Staff writer



PHILADELPHIA—Former Snow College offensive lineman Garret Bolles made his alma mater proud by being selected by the Denver Broncos with the 20th pick in the NFL draft last Wednesday, April 27, and he might just be the NFL “father of the year.”

Bolles, who spent a year with the University of Utah after two years as a Badger, gained collective adoration from football fans around the nation by arriving onstage to greet the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, while carrying his four-month old son, Kingston, against his massive chest. After taking the obligatory photo, Bolles hoisted the youngster high above his head, showing him off to a huge Philadelphia crowd.

“I love this little man,” Bolles told ESPN on live TV.

Bolles may very well be the greatest success story ever to play for Snow College. A checkered past full of adversity and personal struggle had many people telling him that he would never even graduate high school, much less play for a college football team. After being taken in by a generous LDS family, Bolles made his way through school and took his only shot by joining the Badgers.

Bolles would make the NJCAA All-America team twice before committing to play for the Utah Utes last season. His rough play and strong presence as a left tackle turned heads of NFL scouts, and he got even more attention with a spectacular showing at the NFL Draft Combine.

Since his drafting, Bolles has been filled with thanks to the Broncos organization, and has also publicly thanked his college coaches and mentors that helped him get to where he is now.   Bolles joins a growing number of Snow College football stars making it into the NFL.

Bolles was unavailable for comment.