Former teacher wins inaugural woman’s award

Susan Monsen (left) holds a plaque and bouquet after receiving the Fountain Green Legacy Award. She is standing with Miss Lamb Day, Shaelyn Johnson.

FOUNTAIN GREEN—A retired school teacher known for having a heart of gold has been given the first Fountain Green Legacy Award.

The award, the brainchild of the current Miss Lamb Day, Shaelyn Johnson, and Amanda Tapia, pageant director, went to Susan Monsen, who taught at Fountain Green Elementary School for 23 years.

The award is designed to recognized a woman in the community who has shared her life, talents and much more with the town.

Miss Lamb Day Shaelyn Johnson, together with pageant director Amanda Tapia, chose this year’s recipient.

Monsen was born and raised in Bighorn County Wyoming. She married the love of her life, Rowen Monsen in the Provo LDS Temple in May of 1974. They were blessed with five wonderful children, Tamera, Angela, Michael, Thad and Grant.

According to Monson, the children have brought one son-in-law, three daughters-in-law and 18 amazing grandkids into the family.

Monsen loves camping and spending time with her family. She loves where she lives because of the caring community and neighbors.

“Susan is a super woman with a heart of gold” said Tapia. “She (has been) a teacher to quite a few individuals, including Shaelyn.”

It is well known that even after retirement Susan finds ways to help and assist the community of Fountain Green. She now is sharing her love for people and her smile working at the public library.

“We chose her because of the great example of unselfish service, her love for everyone and her adoration for our beautiful town of Fountain Green,” said Tapia.