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Fountain Green to show off new city hall at open house

The newly constructed city hall is open and ready for citizens to come and enjoy all it has to offer.

FOUNTAIN GREEN- Fountain Green opened its new city hall on May 11 and would like the citizens to use it and enjoy all it has to offer.

An open house will be held on Friday, June 25 from 5-9 p.m. The fire department will serve hamburgers and hot dogs in the parking lot.

“The city hall is a building that the citizens of Fountain Green can be proud of and was built smartly and fiscally responsibly,” Mayor Mark Coombs said.

The new building cost about $3.4 million, but if started today it, with the rising cost of building materials, it would have cost more than double that amount, Coombs said.

“We used the money wisely and were able to finish more of the building than originally planned,” Mayor Mark Coombs said.

Coombs said he is proud of the way the city kept on top of the building as it went up, and with the help of the contractor, Busck Inc. of Richfield, city staff were able, on many occasions, to catch mistakes that could have cost a lot of money.

“All the parties involved from the city and contractors worked to provide the best building possible with what we had to work with,” Coombs said. “There was a lot of give and take and working together for the good of the citizens of Fountain Green.”

The building has two main rooms on the top floor, which are accessible both from the Main Street and rear entrances. The city offices are at the front of the building and are connected to the large council room that will double as a banquet room with a fully functional kitchen.

That room is available for the public to rent. The room is set up so the council podium with its equipment can be blocked off and protected when an event is being held in the rest of the room.

In the basement are two more rooms that were not scheduled to be finished but were finished. They can be used for meetings, classes or the like.

Both rooms will have TVs, along with tables and chairs. No food preparation will be done in the basement, but people can bring in food.  The council and mayor hope that residents will use the rooms for their family celebrations.

One of the most exciting features in the building is the fully functioning library. This quiet basement area is filled with books for all ages, a story time rug and reading corners. Computers will soon be added for citizens’ use.

Coombs praised the ladies in town who worked so hard to stock the library. His hope is that everyone in town will take advantage of it. The library will be open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 1-5p.m.  

Older residents have a lot of memories and may miss the old city hall, the mayor said. His own children attended elementary school there.

“A few things that will be missed  are good meetings and some heated meetings, dances, school programs and even dog clinics, but moving forward, this building will have memories for all the new citizens and old as we use it and make it a part of our history.”

Besides the business portion, the building has a large fire station. Local firefighters went from having no room to having extra room, Coombs said. They now have plenty of room to store all of their equipment, along with room to expand.

The fire station has equipment for refilling the oxygen tanks firefighters use when they go into smoke-filled buildings. “That will allow us to do more training and use them on fires without having to go to Nephi, Ephraim or Fairview to refill,” said Todd Robinson Fountain Green fire chief. “We will now be able to stay in service and be ready to go.”

The old city hall did not have enough room for parking for the ambulance, so citizens had to rely on Moroni to provide ambulance services. But the new fire station has ample space, and stationing an ambulance there will be considered in the future.

The citizens should be proud of the hard work from the city council and employees that went into this building. And a huge thanks to Willard Wood who had the vision and knowledge to make it happen.”