Four young ladies will compete for Miss Manti title this Saturday

MANTI—Four beautiful, intelligent, hard-working young ladies will vie for the Miss Manti crown on Saturday, May 1 at 7 p.m. in the Manti High School Auditorium.

The Miss Manti Committee reported they are thrilled to hold the Miss Manti Scholarship Pageant this year, after canceling the event last year due to COVID.

The four contestants are Bethany Christensen, Alexis Christensen, Hope Marsing and Keyera Braithwaite.

Tickets to the pageant are $7 per person and $5 for children 12 years and younger. Tickets may be purchased from the contestants in advance for $6 per ticket. The committee hopes you will come out and support these wonderful girls.

Here are the four contestants:

Bethany Christensen is the daughter of Alan and Becky Christensen. The title of her platform is “Get Out.” She wants to encourage everyone to get outdoors, be active and get out of their comfort zone to be mentally and physically healthy. Bethany will present a video presentation about running, mountain biking and other athletic achievements.

Alexis Christensen is the daughter of Jesse and Typhena Harmon. Her  platform is titled “Care Packages for Deployed Military Personnel.” Alexis is a strong believer in helping the men and women who serve our country. Alexis will be performing a jazz dance routine solo entitled “Can We Pretend” by Pink.

Hope Marsing is the daughter of Nick and Christina Marsing. Hope’s platform is titled “Life is Hard,” addressing that life is indeed hard and our schooling should always have our backs. For her talent, she will be singing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

Keyera Braithwaite is the daughter of Brian and Misty Braithwaite. Keyera has chosen to perform a jazz dance to “Self Love,” by Call Me Loop. She has chosen a platform titled “Kindness is ‘Key’ For Our Community.”  She feels that her platform has the potential to make a lasting impact on the community inside and out.