Ftn Green General Store to close after almost 100 years

The current owner of Fountain Green General Store and Shep’s Grill, Cheryl Shepard, is closing its doors due to low business during the pandemic. She said her favorite part about owning the store has been meeting people in the community.


 Ftn Green General Store to 

 close after almost 100 years


By Kristi Shields 

Staff writer



FOUNTAIN GREEN—The Fountain Green General Store and Shep’s Grill is closing its doors on Friday, July 31 after being open for almost 100 years.

The front portion of the building is a convenience store and the back portion is a grill selling burgers, sandwiches, fries, onion rings, etc.

It hasn’t been a convenience store and grill for all years it’s been open; it has gone from owner to owner until the current owner, Cheryl Shepard—who has owned it for almost 10 years — has to shut it down due to slow business during the pandemic.

“It is kind of sad,” Cheryl said. “We’ve never made a killing, but we’ve always been fine.”

Cheryl said the number one thing she has loved about owning the store is the people. “Before the pandemic, they were generally nice and friendly,” she said; however, after the pandemic hit, she said she noticed customers getting grouchier. 

“I think it’s just the stress of the stores being out of product, everything going on and the uncertainty of life,” Cheryl said.

But because business has been down this year and customers have been getting angrier with her and her employees, she said it was time to close.

If she didn’t need the money to pay bills, she would keep her family business running, but it’s not enough to support her anymore.

“I feel bad because I really do love the people,” Cheryl added.

This store has had an effect on the community because it’s the only store in town. The majority of people just use it for quick trips, but now they won’t even have it for that. The closest stores are in Moroni and Nephi.

Customer Nicole McCubbin said she likes that the store is a convenient stop. 

“It’s family friendly, it’s welcoming, and I enjoy coming here,” McCubbin said.

Shantell Shepard, Cheryl’s daughter and employee at the store, first started working at the store washing dishes when her mom first bought it. Shantell said she has mixed emotions about it closing. On the one hand, she is sad because it’s been open for quite some time and on the other hand, “they always say, something better comes along.”

“I like that we’ve grown to know the people of Fountain green, and that we’ve got to create relationships with everyone in the town,” Shantell said.

She said the food industry is not her first choice for work, but she does it because it’s a family business and she likes to help her mom out.

Cheryl also had to cut down on employees help to make ends meet. She wasn’t able to hire as many people as she normally does around this time of year.

“I am grateful for all the good people that have helped in the past,” Cheryl said. “I’ve had a lot of good people and a lot of good help.”