Fullwood case witness in trouble with law again

Fullwood case witness in trouble with law again


Greg Knight

Staff writer



MORONI—A main witness in the case against Logan McFarland—and one of the only people to be granted the privilege of accepting drug court twice for her criminal charges—has been arrested for drugs and child endangerment during a routine visit from a probation officer.

According to a 6th District Court Probable Cause (PC) statement, Allison Boudreaux, 51, of Moroni was arrested on Wednesday, July 12 by Sanpete County Sheriff’s Deputy Keith Jensen for three counts of internal possession of a controlled substance, all third-degree felonies due to previous convictions; two counts of possession of a controlled substance with priors, both third-degree felonies due to prior convictions; child endangerment, a third-degree felony; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In the PC statement, Jensen says he came in contact with Boudreuax at her residence while accompanying Adult Probation and Parole agents James Garrett and Nate Thomas on a residence visit.

Boudreaux had been put on supervised probation in April as part of the terms of her sentencing agreement for her involvement with the McFarland case.

When the officers arrived at her residence, Jensen writes in the PC statement that the three of them conducted a search and found drug paraphernalia, oxycodone and carisoprodol. The document also says that after urinalysis and blood testing, Boudreaux was found to have methamphetamine, amphetamine and oxycodone in her system.

Two other people were found in the residence when the officers performed the probation visit, Matthew Anderton of Vernal, and a 16-year old minor. According to the PC statement, Boudreaux told the officers they all lived at the residence and when asked if she had ever seen Anderton doing drugs, Boudreaux told them she had seen him taking methamphetamine.

Anderton was found to have marijuana, methamphetamine and amphetamine in his system, and was arrested on three charges of internal possession and booked into the Sanpete County Jail with a bail amount of $12,500.

Boudreaux was booked into the Sanpete County Jail on her charges, with a bail amount of $32,180.

Although Boudreaux has a number of prior drug convictions, she also successfully completed drug court not once, but twice. According to court documents, she fell back into drug use after her first drug court graduation and eventually became involved in the Fullwood robbery.

As an alternative to state prison on the Fullwood case, Boudreaux was offered the second chance at drug court as a condition of her testimony against McFarland to help preserve the validity of that testimony by keeping her clean and sober. After she had given her testimony, although she had already graduated from her second run of drug court, she remained on supervised probation as a condition of her April sentencing agreement.

Boudreaux’s initial appearance was on Wednesday, July 19 for an Order to Show Cause for the probation violation and her new charges. The date for her next court appearance was not available at press time.

“I filed the charges and that indicates my thoughts on this case,” said Sanpete County Attorney Brody Kiesel said, adding, “I’m sad to see that even given the multiple chances she had with the criminal justice system, she apparently she still refuses to change. I recommended a prison sentence the last time she was before the court and I intend to do the same now. Ms. Boudreaux deserves to be in prison.”