Girl Scouts learn good lessons through cookie sales

Paige (L-R) and Adah intently color at the Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff in Manti.
Bev Armstrong (right) teaches her Girl Scouts in Manti—Paige (L-R), Adah, Sariah and Jordan—about how to sell Girl Scout cookies.

Girl Scouts learn good

lessons through cookie sales


By Emily Staley

Staff writer

Jan. 11, 2018


MANTI—Cookies and learning go hand in hand with local Girl Scouts.

The Manti City Girl Scouts had their Cookie Kickoff on Saturday, Jan. 6, and at the kickoff, the girls learned about safety rules for selling cookies, how to approach doors, what to say and how to count money.

Learning how to talk to people is part of the girls’ leadership training, and learning about and counting money helps them learn financial literacy skills.

“Cookies aren’t just about cookies. They are a way to teach the girls a lot of skills,” said one of the Girl Scout leaders, Bev Armstrong.

By selling the boxes of cookies, the girls earn cookie credits to buy Girl Scout books, uniforms, jewelry or toys from the Girl Scout office or use the credits to go to day camps.

Each troop gets a percentage of the money to spend on an activity of their choice. This year one of the troops has chosen to go to the Space Camp in Pleasant Grove to experience a space adventure.

The Girl Scouts will be selling cookies door to door and online starting Saturday and continuing until Feb. 3.

They will also be selling cookies at booths in the middle of March.