Gunnison store robbed; police say culprit ‘had a key’—no forced entry

A robber stole goods and cash worth over $980 from Eden Day Spa and Boutique. Because the culprit apparently entered the spa door with a key, the door’s lock and the storefront glass were not broken.


Gunnison store robbed; police say

culprit ‘had a key’—no forced entry

By Max Higbee

Staff writer

Jan. 11, 2018


GUNNISON—A robber has breached Eden’s paradise.

Eden Day Spa and Boutique in Gunnison was dealt a grave blow last month by the covert theft of cash and goods worth over $980, including high-end Avon cosmetics, unique antique items and sterling silver jewelry.

According to Tiffany Johnson, a Gunnison resident and the owner and operator of the Main Street establishment, the culprit was “somebody with a key” who entered without breaking the door or windows.

An eyewitness reported to Johnson and police investigators that they saw somebody enter the spa with a key after hours on Dec. 16.

“We believe that [the culprit] was somebody connected to, or related to, an employee or possibly an employee,” said Johnson.

Johnson explained that she had completed her midmonth inventory for December on Dec. 15 before taking a few days off. “I had my nail techs watching over the place,” she said.

When she returned on Dec. 20, “Something was just off,” she said. “Nothing was broken, nobody’s station had been messed with, but things were missing. I began to take inventory again, and that’s when I realized that those things had been stolen.”

Johnson reported the robbery to the Sanpete County Sheriff’s office, which is now working with the Gunnison Valley Police Department on the investigation. Tyler Donaldson, a nearly seven-year veteran of the Gunnison force, is leading the case.

Johnson said, “The robbery has been very hard on me emotionally. I feel completely betrayed and taken advantage of.”

She added, “Eden Day Spa and Boutique’s future has not been written yet. I will now have to deeply consider my options.”

She urges the community to work together to find the thief and bring the person to justice: “If you notice someone is attempting to sell sterling jewelry that they wouldn’t normally have, please contact the Gunnison Valley Police Department. And if you know who the culprit is—even if it is a friend—please do the right thing, and turn them in!”