Hansen House is and should be Ephraim’s pioneer heritage keystone

                      Hansen House today.


Hansen House is and should be Ephraim’s

pioneer heritage keystone




We believe Ephraim and the whole county will benefit by the Ephraim DUP Pioneer Park Project, sponsored by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Sons of the Utah Pioneers, non-profit organizations, endorsed by Ephraim City, to restore and repair the Hansen House and other projects in Ephraim’s Pioneer Park.

The Hans Hansen home, built in 1862, is believed to be the oldest standing home in Ephraim. Its historical significance is unparalleled; the treaty ending the Blackhawk War in 1872 was signed under the peach tree on the east side of the home, and Brigham Young was re-baptized in a deepened section of City Creek in front of the home in 1855.

The home is filled with historical displays, and tours are given during the annual Scandinavian Heritage Festival.

But now the house needs help. The DUP/SUP project will fix a back wall of the house that has been condemned and make other repairs. The project includes upgrades and repairs to the two other cabins in the park and putting in sidewalks between the buildings.

The cost is estimated to be $62,000. Local businesses and residents will need to donate $25,000 to match a $25,0000 grant from the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area (MPHNA).

The committee restoring the home would like to finish the project this summer, so support is needed right away.

Of all the projects businesses and residents could donate to, this one has the potential to really enhance Ephraim and its history.

With sufficient community support, we think tours could be offered more often than just during the Scandinavian festival.                   Local history is a strong drawing card throughout the state. For instance, the John Patten Museum in Manti has offered tours for many years where visitors learn about early settlers and their struggles with Indians, rattlesnakes and getting crops going.

Just last week, the Gunnison Elementary school performed a play based on Utah’s history. It was a delight and well-executed. Citizen response shows a high respect for and appreciation of pioneer history.

The Hansen House is and should be the keystone of Ephraim’s heritage. The committee restoring it is committed, energetic and deserves our support.

To make donations you can send cash or check to: Ephraim DUP PPP, 120 S. 100 W., Ephraim. For more information see our facebook page: Ephraim Pioneer Park project. All donations are tax deductible.