Happy accident at Main Street Pizza pays off for Summer Reading Program

Meichi Sorensen and Bethany Clark hand out 35 free pizzas from Main Street Pizza at last Wednesday’s Summer Reading Program. Photo by Jennifer Kelley
Happy accident at Main Street Pizza pays off for Summer Reading Program


Clara Hatcher

Staff writer



MANTI—Main Street Pizza’s manager was getting 35 pizzas ready for a big order last Wednesday morning—though when the last few came out of the oven, she realized the order was for the following morning.

“We came in early and made everything for this huge order,” the manager said, whose last name we will not print for legal reasons. “Of course when we realized, I’m humiliated. I hate messing up.”

She and the regional manager for Main Street Pizza, Braden Parish, agreed that they did not want to waste any food. Kristen said because weekday mornings are usually slow, there would not be as many patrons as they needed to give away all of the pizzas.

“I know the girls at the library pretty well and saw that they had all the kids out there,” Kristen said, referring to Manti Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, which takes place every Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. “So I asked my big boss [Cameron Tucker] if we could give the pizzas to them.”

Librarian Jennifer Kelley said that she got a call from Kristen saying the library would be getting 35 free pizzas, if they wanted them.

“We had kids grabbing full pizzas and taking them home on their bikes when activities were over,” Kelley said. “The kids were so excited about it.”