Happy Camper vintage/consignment shop plans expansion of floor space

Tiffany Krebs, co-owner of Happy Camper in Ephraim, greets a pair of customers last week. The store, which opened in March, is expecting increased business as the fall semester at Snow College approaches. Tiffany, along with her daughter and co-owner Shay Krebs, will be expanding the floor space of the business in the coming months.


Happy Camper vintage/consignment shop plans expansion of floor space


Greg Knight

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—It might sound contrary to popular notions, but when it comes to shopping, the owners of The Happy Camper think that older is better.

But Shay and Tiffany Krebs, the Fountain Green mother-and-daughter duo who opened the Ephraim vintage and consignment store in March, are apparently not the only ones who feel that way.

When the store opened, Shay said she wasn’t sure how well it would do, since it was nearly the end of Snow College’s school year.

“We figured it would be slow until school started again,” Shay Krebs said. “But we’ve been surprised because the business has been steady and it seems like every time there is an event or parade in downtown, we are full of customers, so it’s been really good for us so far.”

The Krebses started with about 600 square feet in a store located at 35 S. Main. But they have bigger plans. They say they intend to take over space in an office behind the current location.

That means residents and visitors to Ephraim who stroll the city’s Main Street will soon have an even greater variety of vintage clothing and furniture options.

The store contains overflowing racks of vintage 1970s- and 1980s-era clothing, and unique and well-maintained furniture and accessories from days gone by.  It also sells consignments of good quality furniture, clothing and jewelry, as well as the works of many local artists that sell their wares for a percentage of the sale price.

“We each bring our own unique style to the business,” Tiffany Krebs said. “This place was really Shay’s idea, and she has the look and ideas when it comes to really hip and really cool clothing and accessories. I am more of the vintage stuff person here. I like the old records and furniture and other things we have here.”

One of the most unique features of the store is a wall covered in Polaroid photos of friends, customers and visitors to the store.

“We really love our customers, whether they are young or old, new or returning,” Shay Krebs said. “For us, taking care of the customer is everything. Since we love old stuff, like Polaroids, we thought it would be a nice touch to put pictures of our customers and friends up on the wall. Some businesses have dollar bills or other mementos on their walls; we have the pictures of them.”

The store’s social media presence is growing, too, with The Happy Camper boasting both an Instagram and a Facebook page.

“We want everyone to come check us out online and we really try to use Instagram a lot,” Shay Krebs said. “If people want to find us, the can search for ‘The Happy Camper’ on either of those sites.”

The store, located at 35 S. Main Street in Ephraim, is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.


Tiffany Krebs (left) and Shay Krebs are the co-owners of Happy Camper in Ephraim.