Proposal: an alternative to roundabout

Letters to the editor:

Proposal: an alternative to roundabout




I attended the UDOT meeting on Oct. 7 regarding the proposal to install a “round-a-bout” at the intersection at 800 North and U.S. 89 in Manti.

The claimed reason for the proposal is this: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been asked to close the west entrance to the temple property in Manti that enters U.S. 89 at approximately 500 North. As many of you know, there is a pronounced curve in the road at this point, which is supposedly a major contributor to accidents in this location.

If the west entrance to the temple property were closed, the north entrance connecting to 800 North would see a much larger volume of traffic. The “round-a-bout” would naturally slow traffic at this intersection. This, combined with its ease of use, would make it safer for all drivers.

Here’s a better idea: Move Main Street to 100 East between 500 North and the first convenient point north of 800 North where it can be redirected to U.S. 89. 500 North would be continued east to 100 East, thus creating a regular square intersection at Main Street and 500 North. This would also create a square corner at 500 North and 100 East, to which the west temple entrance would connect, thus eliminating the traffic hazard.

This plan would also eliminate the pronounced curve currently in U.S. 89, further reducing traffic hazards.


Emery Kiss-Illes,


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