Sanpete should have more bike, walking paths

Letters to the editor:

Sanpete should have more bike, walking paths



Ephraim, Manti, and Mt. Pleasant are beautiful cities. They are home to many farmers and ranchers who supply needed food to the area around and beyond Sanpete County. Those hard-working people use four-wheeler paths on the side of the highways to access their land while at work.

These paths are not only used by farmers, however, as many of the residents of Sanpete County also use them to go on walks, runs, bicycle rides and races. Recently there was a bike race that went through Nephi Canyon, and the racers had to ride on the roads, risking their safety as vehicles drove past at 60 plus miles an hour. This becomes a public health issue.

If bicycle paths were implemented in Ephraim, it would promote outdoor recreation, especially in a time where keeping a safe distance is important to our mental health. Going outside can be very beneficial for our mental and physical health. Having bike paths in the city and along the highways where there are already defined paths would benefit the community immensely.

There is a culture of mountain biking in Manti, and if there were bike paths in between the cities, it would make it possible for someone to easily and more safely commute on a bike. In these uncertain times, spending more time outside can ease tension and anxiety. Bringing this up in city council meetings can bring about an amazing change in our city’s health and the well-being of its people.


Sydnie Hardy Mickelson,




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