Hinzes of Manti called to preside over Argentina Santa Fe Mission

Scott and Janice Hintze


Hinzes of Manti called to preside

over Argentina Santa Fe Mission


By Lloyd Call

Associate publisher

Feb. 15, 2018


MANTI—“It will stretch us, but with the Lord’s help, we can do it,” said President Scott Hintze, commenting on being called to be mission president of the Argentina Sante Fe Mission.

His wife, Janice, said, “I just wish I hadn’t slept through those Spanish lessons, when Scott tried to teach me Spanish early in our marriage.”

Scott served an LDS mission in Ecuador, so he is braced for the culture, and the language. The Hintzes have served in the Church ever since they arrived in Manti in 1980. Scott was first called to be a bishop of the Manti 2nd Ward in 1988. He briefly served in the high council, and then in 1996 he was called to serve in the stake presidency under Doug Dyreng, and he served nine years.

Then, in 2006, he was called to lead the stake, and served another nine years as stake president. He was released in 2015.

In October 2017, the Hintzes met with Elder Quentin Cook of the Twelve, for an initial interview. Later, President Eyring of the First Presidency interviewed them again, and they were issued the calling.

“Receiving such a calling is overwhelming, and humbling,” Scott said. One of Scott’s favorite quotes says, “Is it not awesome to be overwhelmed in the Lord’s work? It is a great privilege to be spent in His work; to be found pleading with the Lord to be expanded.” (President Ed Pinegar, August 2011) The Hintzes will report to the Missionary Training Center at the end of June.

Scott says he has always loved working with the youth, preparing them for mission service. Janice said, “Scott would always say he wished he could climb into their suitcases and go with them, when they were called on their mission.”

“I have enjoyed and grown from all of my church callings, that is the genius of the church, we are stretched beyond our abilities in our various callings and have the opportunity to serve others and build good relationships with them. We are looking forward to serving the people of Argentina and shepherding lots of awesome missionaries.”

The Hintzes have five children, all married. Stacey (Shawn) James have four children; Amy (Mace) Baesler have three children; Kristi (Paul) Wintch have four children; Annette (Tyson) Cook have three children, and the youngest, Bryan (Cami Richardson) have two children.

Son Bryan will continue to run the family farm during his parents’ service.

The Hintzes are the sixth couple to be currently serving as mission presidents from Sanpete.