I saw the quality of our Sanpete law enforcement

Letters to the editor:

I saw the quality of our 

Sanpete law enforcement




As I read comments from others I will rarely reply because I believe in free speech and believe that our country gives us that right even if I disagree.

However in the case of our local law enforcement I feel need to respond.

I lived in Ephraim for 25 years and had the opportunity to know and become good friends with many of the officers that served. I saw how our law enforcement handled the huge crowds during the Pageant and other events. When I served in the city council and then as mayor I was able to witness the many wonderful things that law enforcement did to protect us as citizens of Ephraim and Sanpete County.

Our Police Chief Ron Rassmusen and many officers gave their heart and soul to serve and protect. I watched some recordings of the abuse that officers had to endure and how they still remained professional.

Currently we have a great bunch of officers in Ephraim. We have new Police Chief Aaron Broomhead, who is doing a wonderful job. If you wonder about pay what would you want to be paid if you thought that your life could be endangered each day you left your home? I am grateful for these men and women who serve!

Our Sheriff Brian Nielson is great as well. I have watched him since being elected and have seen him do his best to make sure those that serve in the sheriff’s department are well trained and have the necessary tools needed to do their job professionally.

In this time of chaos and uncertainty I do not want the people that I may need to protect the lives and safety of others to have to say “sorry” due to budget cuts we are not able to respond.

While I am discussing Ephraim City, the employees worked tirelessly. I was always impressed with the little things that they did and how they went out of their way to help.

I personally am grateful for all the city and county employees that work tirelessly to keep the services and amenities available to make our lives comfortable.

Sanpete is a great and a safe place to live. One reason for that safety is because of the excellent law enforcement that we have had and will continue to have. I for one am grateful for that and want to “thank” all of them for their hard work and service.


David Parrish,




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