Black Lives Matter march in Ephraim was orderly

Letters to the editor:

Black Lives Matter march in

Ephraim was orderly




The Black Lives Matter march through downtown Ephraim was very peaceful and orderly. All wore masks and walked quietly from the Market Fresh parking lot to City Hall, where they had a photo op on the lawn for 10 minutes. There were people of all ages and many carried signs with BLM slogans.

We followed along and chatted with some very kind souls. Some were locals and some came from elsewhere. Since it was the burial day of George Floyd, who died so horribly under the cruel knee of a rogue police officer, it was a particularly somber time; some wore black.

Earlier that morning we had been sent a link to an Instagram post by Tito Ortiz who very succinctly and with markers as props explained the puppeteers pulling the strings of BLM who have a lot to lose if DJT is re-elected and the coup d’état exposed. Many could land in jail and their fortunes lost.

We printed up 40 fliers and handed them out as the walkers resumed their march to Walmart.

Police vehicles drove by but they were not accompanying the group. I did not hear one angry word spoken. I just hope all these lovely people will listen to Tito Ortiz’s warning on social media.

I also hope it won’t be censored and that Tito will be forgiven for his bad language, but they will not become pawns in the BLM movement, #badlanguagematters.


Chris Funnell,





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