Sanpete blessings: We were grateful for the Pageant

Letters to the editor:

Sanpete blessings: We were

grateful for the Pageant




A sunset of pastel blue streaked with gold covered Sanpete’s western horizon as Father’s Day 2020 moved to a close. The exquisite sight brought renewed thoughts, in stark contrast to certain areas of our nation, of how blessed we are to live in Sanpete.

Spectacular sunsets were not uncommon as intensive preparations and productions of the Mormon Miracle Pageant were in full swing. For over 50 years author’s Grace Johnson’s inspired words have rung from Temple hill out across Sanpete Valley: “A single occurrence may set in motion a chain of events that covers years, even centuries and changes the lives of millions of people.” These words, as David Mackey penned, “speak of an amazing force, one of partnership between heaven and mankind.”

This Mormon Miracle Pageant, also brought about a miracle of people rallying together here in Sanpete. Thousands, young and old, made time and sacrifices to fill the seemingly endless need for help and talent. There was a niche for everyone, including the audiences.

The Pageant, now laid to rest, remains a chapter in Sanpete’s storied past reminding us still of the continuing influence of the patriarchal fathers, the founding fathers and the pioneer fathers. Much lies ahead in Sanpete’s future as we continue also to bask in our Heavenly Father’s infinite and eternal care.


Jane A. Braithwaite,


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