Stop shutting things down to deal with COVID-19

Letters to the editor:

Stop shutting things down  

to deal with COVID-19




When I heard Dr. Dunn wants to put us back in “Orange” phase because the coronavirus numbers are increasing again, I and my family exclaimed, “No!”

KSL reported on June 22: Utah epidemiologist warns state is in COVID-19 acceleration phase, shutdown could be “only viable option.” You can’t stop all infections. To live a “sterile” life is not possible! People are not meant to live 6-feet apart or wear a mask all day. This is not wisdom. The virus has to run its course and to shut down schools, public places, large celebrations (like the 4th of July), some businesses, etc. is ridiculous. It is like damning the Amazon River. It can’t be done. The economy will not survive.

Are we going to do this shutdown with every rise of this infection? From what I am seeing, Dr. Dunn wants this. Yes, the virus will kill some people. Death is part of life. The influenza virus has also been deadly.  But did we shut things down when it has killed so many people in the past? No.

So my thought is this:

First, we need to contact our leaders in the city, county, and state and tell them to stop shutting things down. Let the virus run its course and let us get back to work, play, school, etc. If people don’t want to go out and associate with others, let them—it is their choice.  But don’t FORCE the rest of us to stop our lives for a virus that will most likely make most of us sick, but not kill us all. Let your voice be heard.

Secondly, let us improve our own immune systems by eating right, sleeping well, be active, be clean and so forth, so that our bodies are able to fight this and other viruses.

Third, let us boost our spiritual lives as well by believing in Jesus Christ, repenting, keeping all of God’s commandments and praying. Maybe then God will help us and this nation.



Sara Staker,

Mt. Pleasant



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