I say, “Build the Wall”

Letters to the editor:

I say, “Build the Wall”




Much has been said and discussed about political ideas and party platforms, but the reality is that too often ideas and platforms never come to fruition.

The Obama-Biden administration promised an economic revival, healthcare for all and immigration reform; what followed was short of expectations with eight years of economic stagnation. My family health premiums went up over 90 percent with less coverage and higher deductibles; we are still waiting for the $2500 in savings.

For the first two years of the Obama-Biden administration, they controlled both the house and senate and nothing was ever advanced toward immigration reform; it was not until the end of his term and thru presidential decree that Obama gave legal status to “dreamers” (D.A.C.A.) causing an uproar all over the country. He was not around to catch the fallout. Rather courageous, don’t you think?

Today’s political environment placing “people of color” on one side is a far cry from a speech I heard in my pre-teen years; referring to his own children, he stated, “I have a dream that someday my four little children will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

Martin Luther King Jr. changed the way this country looked at race; it was not a monolithic view, but rather pluralistic and inclusive to all races. I do not know if either Steve Clark or Alison Anderson (the authors of the opinion exchange) have ever spent time or ever visited the southern border, to make a statement such as “The wall on our southern border is racist (it is designed to keep out immigrants of color.)” This is naïve and uninformed statement. I have seen the warehouses full of confiscated drugs, the human smuggling, the sexual assaults and the sexual abuse of women and children etc.

The other problem with illegal immigration is the millions who are working with false, borrowed, or stolen IDs. What do you say to those thousands that come to the border demanding asylum, many with children that they have borrowed, bought or stolen. It takes years, thousands of dollars and a lot of time to become a citizen I know this thru personal experience, what do we say to the thousands that are in process of legal immigration and are waiting their turn. I am in agreement 100 percent—BUILD THE WALL.

No I am not a racist, nor do I want to keep anybody out.  I just believe in obeying the law. In conclusion, I would like to say, that these years that I have lived in this marvelous country as a citizen I have now been informed that I am nothing more than another person of color.


Jose Guitierrez

Spring City

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