I’m thinking of a man…

Letters to the editor:

I’m thinking of a man…




I’m thinking of a man at this time of election. See if you can guess who it is. He ran for political office by promising to make the country “great again” and as soon as he got the job, he set out to expand his authority and control. He defied all rules and made everything about him. He built ties to dictators and betrayed former allies. He is an egotistic liar and hates other races. He only promotes people who are loyal to him more than their country.

He coined the term: “The media is the enemy of the People.” He has no empathy for the suffering and deaths of anyone. He closed borders and violated treaties. He thinks he knows more than his scientists and generals and everyone else. He damaged the country for years to come. His name is Adolph Hitler. Who did you think of?  Think some more.

Whether you agree with me or not, please vote. It’s our right and not everyone in the world gets to.


Ben Williams,

Mt. Pleasant

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