Improved fairgrounds get great reviews at first event

Improved fairgrounds get

great reviews at first event


Robert Stevens

Managing editor


Hitman Motorsports of Bluffdale brought their Sniper monster truck to Saturday’s Monster Truck Insanity Tour, which was the first official event to be held in the new fairgrounds arena.

MANTI—The new arena at the Sanpete County Fairgrounds got a proper breaking in on Saturday.

The Monster Truck Insanity Tour which took place over the weekend was the first official event in the new arena.

Attendance at the event was good, with the grandstands full but not cramped.

A number of attendees commented on the new arena, and how they compared it to the previous iteration.

Marti Fierbach of Ephraim commented at the show that she liked how the arena was open-air, as opposed to the enclosed arenas in larger cities, like the one she came from before moving to Sanpete.

“It’s nice that it doesn’t hold in the fumes,” she said. “And that it’s not as loud.”

Jake Putnam of Fountain Green was attending the show with his wife Jodi on their 17th wedding anniversary.

“I loved how much bigger it was,” Putnam said of the arena, “and how they arranged to have the rally set up in such a way that the temple was the back drop of the event.”

Tory McArthur said his family felt like the new arena was an improvement, but that the parking situation was still less than optimal.

Stephen Harr brought his family from Mt. Pleasant, where they live, to see the show, and was very optimistic about the new arena.

“I am loving the new fair grounds and arena,” Harr said. “The seating is comfortable and there is room to move. No matter what section you are seated in, you have a great view of the show. The improvements were much needed.”