Interest is increasing in reserving new Sports Park Complex in Manti

A photo of the new Manti Sports Park Complex as seen from 250 feet in the air.

Interest is increasing in reserving new Sports Park Complex in Manti

By Teri Forbes

Staff Writer



     MANTI—Vern Jensen, Manti City Sports and Recreation Director, reported that he’s been getting a lot of calls to rent out the new Sports Park Complex and the city might want to adopt a new rental policy.

     Reporting to the city council in a meeting Wednesday night, Jensen said “the word is out!” There is increased interest in using the complex for leagues and tournaments. Manti’s new Sports Park Complex consists of five lighted fields, parking and concessions.

     Given the interest, Jensen drafted a proposal for the council to review that consisted of guidelines, rules, regulation for usage and a rental application form.

     Jensen showed the council the usage fee structure and a liability insurance requirement in the amount of $2 million.

     The process for team leagues and tournament directors wishing to use the sports complex would be to fill out a rental application, attach proof of insurance, then submit the packet to Manti City Recreation, which in turn would review and respond, Jensen explained.

     The city might even need to hire an onsite supervisor to be on hand at $15/hour to monitor the activities, depending on the event, Jensen said.

     In wrapping the policy proposal review Jensen reported that, “Soccer is going awesome.”

     Kent Barton, City Administrator said, “First and foremost we want to make sure the complex is available to the youth in the community.”

     Jensen agreed and added that also making the complex available to league and tournament play will help cover costs and will make money for the city.

            The council discussed matters related to clean up, deposit, payment timeline and insurance verification. Jensen will incorporate the suggested changes and updates to the policy, resubmit, then finalize with council.