It appears Manti, Gunnison will get new ambulances

It appears Manti, Gunnison will get new ambulances



Although red tape associated with accessing COVID relief money is preventing Ephraim and North Sanpete ambulance associations from using CARES money to buy a second ambulance, not all is lost with the plan, says Sanpete County Commissioner Scott Bartholomew.

Delivery of the ambulances Ephraim and North Sanpete wanted was not possible due to a rule saying delivery had to happen by Dec. 30 to qualify as something that the CARES money could fund. Manti and Gunnison were both able to get their ambulances arranged on time for a delivery before the deadline.

Bartholomew says Ephraim and North Sanpete won’t miss out on the funding, they just have to use it on other things—in this case, much needed medical supplies and PPE.

“Two is better than none,” Bartholomew said, “and we are making sure Ephraim and North Sanpete get funding for their other needs.”

The effort to fund the ambulances with county CARES money was spearheaded by Bartholomew, who also oversaw the funding of equipment upgrades for fire departments.