It was a good ride, America

Letters to the editor:

It was a good ride, America


Some weeks from now we may be saying–“It was a good ride, America.” “Hillary and partner globalists/ media, with the goal to dismantle the country and transfer its greatness to global governance, pulled it off. Trump didn’t need this—could have played the corporate game, but instead put his life on the chopping block, and will soon take the chop.

The truth was out there in the O’Keefe videos/Wikileaks, but we were too busy with video games and life to notice, and the accomplice media was mum.  Needing a “Bishop in Chief,” McMullin was Utah’s feel-good choice (sore loser Wall-Street Romney’s surrogate)—and we chose him, paving the way for globalism.

Instead of saving the thread-hanging constitution, Utah cut the thread. Illegal immigrants turned instant voters with little conception of America now change the game, and a meaningful vote will be history. Casting our ballot on November 8 was the “last ride.” The result is total loss of freedom, disdain for rule of law, terrorism/war, and the very idea of “America” taught as a symbol of oppression to my grandkids (and those who died for this nation as “oppressors).


My flag flies knowing that its days are numbered.”




Commander Carl T. Sullivan Sr.

United States Navy Retired




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