Glad Obama’s time is over, wants Trump to win

Letters to the editor:

Glad Obama’s time is over, wants Trump to win

You’ll never convince me that prayer doesn’t work. It’s been a long eight years, but we’re finally getting rid of the black Muslim Kenyan socialist who calls himself the President of the United States. All it took was the 22nd amendment to the Constitution.

The predictions were dire eight years ago, and even the hell scape we live in now that Donald J. Trump describes, is not as bad as it could have been. If Obama had had his way, there would probably be abortion on demand for up to three years of age, they would have “taken all of our guns away”, and America would have been “totally destroyed”.

But really, what kind of “tyrant” lets a term limit law remove him from office? It just shows you how inept Obama is. Thankfully we have Trump, a man who loves our country so much that he’s not going to let losing an election stop him from making America great again.

He has indicated that he will not recognize the results of our “rigged” election system. I guess this means the 2nd American revolution starts on November 9th, when we get to “take our country back”. It should be most interesting.

Chad Taylor
Mt. Pleasant


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