Denounce Trump as a brute

Letters to the editor:

Denounce Trump as a brute


         It brings tears to my eyes to see so many brave Hollywood celebrities boldly coming forth in righteous indignation against a presidential candidate who stands virtually alone in using vulgar language about women. And these worthy people have every right to do so because the whole world knows they are paragons of virtue, decency, honesty, truth, justice, and the American way. They never cheat on their spouses, commit fornication and adultery, engage in perverse sexual behavior, encourage gun violence in movies, take illegal drugs, demean Christianity, or promote destructive moral values. Heavens no! They are ideal role models for us all.
And why on earth would they put themselves in such terrible danger by speaking out against a powerful, exploitive man like Donald Trump? It’s certainly not because most of them are radical liberals. It’s not because they already promote Hillary Clinton. It’s not because they want to be popular and accepted by their colleagues. It’s not because they want to ensure their fame and their lucrative income. And it’s not because they want to maintain a high profile by appearing on TV. Absolutely not! They clearly attack Trump out of the goodness and sincerity of their hearts.

Therefore, we, as decent, thinking people should constantly parrot back what these wonderful celebrities teach us. We should attack Trump whenever possible to show the world that we too are paragons of good behavior. We should especially do so to stand up for what is right and to prove to everyone that we too, like the noble celebrities, are on the cutting edge of social and political advances. In doing so, we will certainly be speaking for God in righteous indignation! Most of all, as good Christians, we should never forgive such a despicable man as Donald J. Trump!

The powerful example of our famous entertainers has even inspired several terribly abused women with the courage to finally step forth—all on the same day and just before the election—to denounce Trump as a brute because he came on to them years ago. It’s an irrefutable fact that the Hillary campaign had nothing to do with this apparent collusion. In the days to come, we can expect more such fearless women to do the same thing..

Kenneth R. Tarr
Mt. Pleasant

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