Joseph K. Osentowski

Joseph K. Osentowski

Joseph K. Osentowski, 44 years old, son of David Osentowski and Peggy Lee Bown passed away August 18, 2021, at 5:59 p.m., with the support of many of his loving family and friends at his side after battling an aggressive form of cancer for over a year. 

Joe was born at Gunnison Valley Hospital, Aug. 9, 1977. Joe grew up in Sanpete County living with his parents, Peggy and Dave and completed grade school to high school mostly in Manti. In his youth he loved skateboarding, snowboarding, hunting, and fishing. 

He went to Snow College, where he ran the radio and spent his younger years having fun with friends, who could be considered as family.  His entire life he never stopped learning something new each day, he always kept moving forward, from running the radio in college to being a very well-versed mechanic, remodeling his homes, and building a great life for himself and his family. 

Early on he worked in parks and recreation for the Manti La Sal National Forest, worked at Palisade Golf Course, Elk Meadows Snow Removal and held many more positions thereafter. Eventually he started a professional career as an equipment management for River Oaks Golf Course in sandy, Utah. At the same time, he bought a house in Riverton and had his son, Jakob Damon Osentowski with Kelly Christiansen. 

While providing for his son, Joe loved to spend his free time training and hunting with his dogs and friends. Joe loved the outdoors and spent a lot of his life roaming the hills and mountains with his buddies, hunting throughout the Western United States looking for wild game and forging lasting memories with his people.  

Sept. 28, 2004, Joseph set out on a different path when he married Evelyn M Sanchez. They were introduced through a group of friends, and within a few months they were set to get married. Joseph and Evelyn went through it all and succeeded for over 17 years. Evelyn will always be grateful for meeting a man that loved her deeply until the very end. He will be missed for his free and joyful soul, his enjoyment of simple things, his spontaneity, his love for the Latin culture, his lack of distinction for everyone, and ability to treat everyone he came across with kindness and respect. 

For Evelyn and his son there will always be a deep void where Joseph once stood, but they will always be able to look back and remember all the good Joseph brought to their lives.   The truth is everyone who knew and loved Joe Osentowski lost someone irreplaceable on Aug. 18, 2021. 

He was the quintessential work hard, play hard kind of guy and took pride in the fact that he was known as hardcore at both. Everything Joe did, he did with passion and a level head. He was good at everything he did, he gave 100-percent all the time, and was willing to help others even if it meant putting his things on hold. 

His optimism and reasoning could be counted on by anyone in need and set a great example for anyone to follow, especially his son Jake. He had a unique trait that allowed him to make friends easily anywhere he went and held many strong bonds with people from all over the world.

Joseph Osentowski kept working, providing, and fighting valiantly until the very end of his time and deserved the world because of it. 

One of Joseph’s life’s biggest adventures was moving his family to Florida and forging a completely different life than they had known before. This brought so many new positive things into his family’s life that they couldn’t imagine in the beginning. 

Even though it was a struggle, he made it work day in and day out, and fought through it until his family reaped the rewards of their hard work. 

During that time, he played such a big role in learning and teaching his family how to enjoy a different life and make it their own. In the end, him and his family created so many lasting memories and new friends, it really was a second life for them it was one of the biggest successes he had in the end. 

Survived by wife: Evelyn M. Osentowski; children: Jakob D. Osentowski; father: David and Linda Osentowski; siblings: Lisa Mickelson, Tony Estrada, Paula Tager, Cheryl Martinez, Amy and Justin Broose, Shelly Chipman, Kathy and David Rasmussen, Jeanie and Matt Pixton and Jessica and Derrick Seaich; and many, many cousins, aunts and uncles, along with many friends from all over. 

Predeceased by mother: Peggy Lee Lovell and husband Robert; brother: Daniel D. Osentowski; grandparents: Kenny and Dawna Vee Bown. Joseph’s service will be held at the senior citizens center, 54 N. Main St. Manti, Utah on Sept. 4, 2021, at 10 a.m. 

Anyone that knew Joe is invited to come pay your respects, speak about Joe, and have lunch with his family and many friends. 

We are providing catering for 100 people. Please bring as many photos of Joe as you can find, to share them with his family and friends. Later that evening his son Jake will be inviting all friends and family to take a ride up the mountain. Please call/text 385-831-4992 for place/time.