Long-time Snow employees honored at recognition banquet

Long-time Snow employees honored at recognition banquet




EPHAIM—Snow College President Bradley Cook honored faculty and staff who have served more than five years at a special recognition dinner on Nov. 5.

Recognized for their longevity with the college were:

Forty years: Kim Cragun, faculty.

Thirty years: Elona Lund, staff; Tracie Bradley, faculty; Vance Larsen, faculty; Paul Gardner, faculty.

Twenty-five years: Lynn Anderson, staff; Shawn Lindow, staff.

Twenty years: Leon Beal, staff; Brent Reese, faculty; Cozette Roberts, faculty; 15 years: Weston Mitchell, staff; Scott Allred, faculty; Denise Duncan, staff; Robert Gary, faculty; Travis Schiffman, faculty.

Five years: April Anderton, faculty; Udambor Bumandalai, faculty; Fernando Montano, staff; Michael Lewellen, staff; Jonathan Dyches, staff; Sinapati Moe, staff; Kim Christensen, staff; Bryant Jones, faculty; Micah Strait, staff; John Van Orman, faculty; Bree Neilson, staff; Landon Peterson, staff; Andrew Bahlmann, staff; Trenton Bean, faculty; Bridget Bennett, faculty.

Others recognized persons were Terrence Coltharp, faculty; Sannali Dittli, faculty; Dana Erskine, faculty; Kathy Fellers, faculty; Phillip Kuehn, faculty; Kade Parry, faculty; Kyle Rowley, faculty;, Dennis Schugk, faculty; Brian Stucki, faculty; Kellyanne Ure, faculty; Chrissy Ray, staff; Spencer Mack, staff; Don Mackey, staff; Rebecca Welch, staff; Staci Taylor, staff; James Blackburn, staff; Jeffery Savage, staff; Yasmin Heywood, staff; Nikki Elizabeth, staff.