Manti approves 12-lot subdivision in high-growth area near stake center

Graphic shows the layout for the Eastside Estates Subdivision, which received final approval from the Manti City Council last week. The 12-lot development is the third subdivision to go in near the Manti Stake Center, which was completed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2010. At least 35 new homes have been built in the area.


Manti approves 12-lot subdivision in high-growth area near stake center


By Suzanne Dean




MANTI—The Manti City Council has approved the Eastside Estates subdivision, a 12-lot subdivision across the street from the Manti Stake Center, between 500 and 600 East.

The council gave final approval to the 6.5-acre project at its meeting Wednesday, Oct. 21. The vote signifies that all required improvements such as streets, sidewalks and utility connections are complete. The developer is Dale Cox of Manti.

Lots in the new subdivision range from about a quarter acre to a half acre. According to a sign on the property, at least one of the larger lots is sold.

Eastside Estates is the third subdivision to go in near the stake center since it was completed in 2010. Two projects are located on the south side of the church property, while Eastside Estates is on the north side .

According to City Manager Kent Barton, the three subdivisions combined contain 64 lots. About 50 lots have been sold and about 35 homes have been constructed on the lots.

The new subdivision is located between 100 and about 200 North and between about 500 and 600 East. The Coxes were required to widen 100 North and to extend 600 East to connect with an existing street that curves to the north and west and flows into 300 North.

There are two access roads into the project, one branching off 100 North at about 550 East and another taking off from 600 East at about 150 North. The street at 150 North terminates in a cul-de-sac.

In all, the developers have installed about a mile of new roads along with curb, gutter, sidewalk, and connections for water, sewer and electricity for the 12 potential home