Manti City should not be in the business of business

Letters to the editor:

I agree wholeheartedly with the letter of Emery Kiss-Illes (Wednesday, June 30) that Manti City is overstepping its bounds.

The City should not be in the business of business. The electric, water and sewer services should be sold to private entities as well as the garbage pickup. Private companies handle these services better and more cost efficiently than the city.

The City should also divest itself of the sports park and the pool and sell them to private companies.

While it is at it, the city should also sell the building and area west of the Library that they are now just letting go to rot.

The Impact Fee should be done away with. It is nothing but a tax for nothing. All infrastructure is already done at cost, with no profit charged by the City.

We voters in Manti will have the chance to make some much needed changes to our city government in this coming election. Remember when you vote, that if you vote for any candidate which is now connected to the present city government, your taxes will go up and your services will go down.

Please select a candidate who has not been involved with our present government so that we can make the changes this town needs.

Benton L. Peterson


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