Manti High School theatre wins state sixth year in a row

MANTI—For the sixth consecutive year, the Manti High School (MHS) theatre team has been crowned 3A state champions.

The team took home their big win on Saturday and members were treated to a hero’s welcome ride on the Ephraim and Manti fire engines the same night.

“Winning state in theatre is a tremendous feat,” said Manti theatre coach, Kory Howard. “It takes a dedicated team of over 40 people who perform at a superior level to be able to accomplish it. I couldn’t be more proud of the kids in MHS Theatre! 

After taking 2nd place in the region, the students worked to improve their performances—not to win—but because they wanted to better themselves as people and enhance their acting skills. They pushed hard to come away from every performance feeling like they did their best.

Manti High School’s theatre team poses with their trophy after winning the 3A state championships.

The biggest win is not the trophy, but the life-lasting feeling that they can do incredible things and feel good about themselves, as a team and as an individual!  We do theatre, not to win, but because it’s what we love to do.”

In overall ranking, Manti took first with 1,442 points out of a possible 1,500. Next up was Union with 1,429 points. Finally, North Sanpete was nipping on the heels of the others, with 1,426 points.

Some of the individual places included Kelsie Tippetts and Kael Nipko, with 4th and 5th, respectively, at dramatic monologues.

In humorous monologues, Talia Cluff took 3rd place and Jacob Norris took 5th place.

Simeon Olsen and Quin Zollinger took 4th place as a team in classic scenes.

In pantomime, Phoebe Gordon and Marianne Everitt took 3rd place. Matthew Bishop and Jesse Howick took 5th place. Audrey Jones and Alexis Christensen took 6th place.

In Musical theatre, Kate Stevens took 2nd place. Connor Zollinger and Alison Cook took 4th place. Emma Imlay, Kaylie Crips and Kailee Schiffman took 7th place.

“I absolutely love how everyone is like a family,” Stevens said. “I have so much fun and feel like I can be myself! No one is judged for loving what they do!”

Imlay said, “We were honestly so shocked.  But we did it. We took 1st for six years in a row. I am honestly so proud of everyone and couldn’t ask for a better team!”

In one act play, Alison Cook took 2nd place for best actor.

“This year has been a tough one for everyone, but the students have pushed through the hard times to do what they love to do,” Howard said.  “They have overcome every obstacle that has come their way. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year, but everyone was flexible and pushed through and accomplished the near impossible!”

Ben Lasseter / Messenger Photo
Manti High’s 3A championship theatre team gets a hero’s welcome ride on the Manti Fire Department engine.