Many ages and cultures pitch in to help clean up trailer court

Residents and volunteers, including the Snow football team and Manti High students, work together to clean up Ephraim’s DJ Trailer Court.


Many ages and cultures pitch in to help clean up trailer court


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



EPHRAIM—Efforts to improve the living conditions at the DJ Trailer Court by the residents, park owner and local community volunteers were furthered last Saturday with a group clean-up event.

Malynda Bjerregaard, Snow College professor of communications, who has been helping organize volunteer efforts, says that park residents and park owner David Strate have made the majority of improvements, but volunteers continue to chip in.

“I think it’s important to mention that the park’s owner was responsible for getting the water, sewer and electricity issues improved,” Bjerregaard said. “But the volunteer outreach has been amazingly helpful.”

Bjerregaard says Fairview resident David Brinkerhoff has been particularly instrumental in the cleanup effort.

“David has essentially spearheaded so much of the organization and logistics of this volunteer effort,” Bjerregaard said. “He has done an enormous amount of work getting things together.”

Student volunteers have also played a huge role in the cleanup effort, she says. The Manti High soccer team and Spanish class had volunteers at the park Saturday working to clean up trash and build a community garden.

The Snow College football team, Snow construction students, and other students and faculty from Snow have been involved in the park improvements as well.

“We have had all age ranges and many cultures working on this project,” Bjerregaard said. “The residents themselves have done a huge amount of work on their park.”


Last Saturday at Ephraim’s DJ Trailer Court, the park owner, park residents and community volunteers joined in a major cleanup.