Mark Hofmann moved to Gunnison prison

Mark Hofmann
Mark Hofmann


Mark Hofmann moved to Gunnison prison


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



GUNNISON—One of the most infamous  criminals in Utah history has been transferred to the Central Utah Correctional Facility(CUCF) in Gunnison.

Mark Hofmann, 61, convicted forger and bomber, was transferred from a maximum security facility at the Utah State Prison in Draper after corrections officials re-evaluated  his optimal placement, says Steve Gehrke, spokesperson for the Utah Department of Corrections (DOC).

The transfer happened 10 months ago, but was confirmed only this week by the DOC.

Hofmann had been kept in maximum security due to his notoriety. After  28 years passed with, reportedly, only suicide attempts as misbehavior, corrections officials decided he was no longer a significant security threat.

Hofmann is serving a life sentence for the bombing deaths of Steve Christensen and Kathleen Sheets in 1985 and for forging a series of Mormon historical documents. The bombings were an attempt to cover up the fact that what he claimed were rare Mormon documents were actually forgeries.

In a plea deal designed to head off a death sentence, Hofmann pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder and theft by deception on Jan 23., 1987. He was sentenced to life in prison, and the Utah Board of Pardons has said it never intends to parole him.

Up until  the transfer, Hofmann had been housed in a maximum security unit in Draper since his arrival in prison in 1987.