Medical Cannabis more about “medical” than “Cannabis”

Medical Cannabis more about “medical” than “Cannabis”

Oct. 5, 2017


Until several years ago I had viewed Cannabis, in any form, as an addictive drug; but, shortly after my brother-in-law died of cancer, my wife learned that Cannabis may have helped him in his fight and eased his suffering. As she began studying professional research on Cannabis’s medicinal properties, she would nudge me, encouraging me to read one study after another: “PTSD and Cannabis,” “Multiple Sclerosis and Cannabis,” “Fibromyalgia and Cannabis,” “Parkinsons and Cannabis,” “Pain…,” “Cancer…,” and on and on.

Each time we see a news story about the serious opioid and suicide problems we have in Utah, I reflect on the studies that show decisively that Cannabis has been effective in helping people get off opioids by managing pain without negative opioid side-effects.

For several years, we have watched as the Utah State Legislature raised our hopes that this medicine would be legalized in Utah, and were discouraged as each time the legislation was defeated. When the petition for the “Utah Medical Cannabis Act“ became a reality, we decided to get involved and volunteered to gather signatures across Sanpete County.

As we’ve been doing this and speaking with people in Sanpete, we are finding that often the people who are wanting to sign this petition are people who also have a story. Often like ours, their story is about the suffering of someone they love, whose pain could be relieved with Cannabis. For others, it is their own infirmity that limits their full engagement and joy in life. The more people we meet, the more committed we become to this cause.

With other volunteers, we will continue to canvass the towns in Sanpete, beginning in Ephraim this Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Snow College’s homecoming, Oct. 5-7.

The following week we will join with other volunteers to sponsor signings in Fairview, Mt. Pleasant, Moroni, Fountain Green, Manti and Gunnison on Oct. 11.

After those events, we will remain available to meet people wherever and whenever we are able, continuing to gather signatures for this petition. We and others have posted fliers in each Sanpete town and encourage people to call us. Our email is marcus@cut.net, and phone number is 435-813-8030, or check this web address for other contacts: ww.utahpatients.org/files/pdf/LocalContactList.pdf.

Whether one is supportive of the legalization of medicinal Cannabis or not, we think it is important for the initiative to be on the Utah ballot in 2018 so that voters in Utah can study the issues and vote their consciences on this important issue.